Services & Prices
Paws N' Go 252-207-1228

Services include:
  • pad trim
  • sanitary clip
  • ear hair pulled and ears cleaned
  • nails cut and filed
  • gland expression
  • bath
  • haircut

Cologne, bows, and scarves provided as requested.

Prices range from $60 to $175.  Prices vary by type of haircut, your location, breed of the dog, age of the dog, behavior of the dog, and how often the dog is groomed.  Generally I stay in the range of $75 small dog, $90 large dog.  If you have a Great Pyrenees who has not been groomed in a year, then you will receive the $175 range.
I groom small, medium, and large dogs.  The before/after photos and the picture gallery are a minor sampling of the dogs I groom.  If you are interested in a breed specific example, please email me and I will check to see if I have a picture that matches.
Current customer references are also available upon request.