Make A Wish

Hello everyone.
Thank you to all who donated!  You are a great group of people.  Here are pictures from the 2011 Wine and Dine half marathon.  13.1 miles long, it ran from the Sports complex to Animal Kingdom.  From there, the course took us through Hollywood Studios and on to the finish line at Epcot.
                                  Pam, Brian, and Me at the start.
I was in corral A, but there were over 8000 runners, so the start was far ahead.
Fireworks at the start of the race.
I might have a little something for the first customer to email me with the names of these three characters.
Well, no one emailed me, so I will tell you...Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather.
Characters from Fantasia.  A rare photo op.
This little guy was moving around the parking lot of the Animal Kingdom.
'Tusks' at the entrance to the Animal Kingdom.  It was super cool to run through this park at night.
Music and dancing at the 'hat' in Hollywood Studios.
Love Toy Story.  Plus, my legs were tired.
Characters from Up.  I had to scratch the dog's head!
The Osborne Family Lights in Hollywood Studios.
"You are part of the rebel alliance and a traitor..."
We all know who these two are.
13.1 down.  Oh yeah.
 Listened to 'Off Kilter' until my friends finished the race.
Princess Tiana was so beautiful and friendly.
 Pinocchio and Gepetto.